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All knowledge in a single system
with a good search algorithm

The knowledge management system makes it easy to keep information up to date, saves employees’ time searching for the necessary information, and offers an opportunity to respond to requests as completely and promptly as possible. Prompt provision of complete and reliable information enables to maintain a high level of employee and customer loyalty.
The knowledge management system enables to keep product cards and service descriptions, marketing presentations, regulations and instructions, reports and documents of various teams and departments up to date. And thanks to the fast search system, any employee will be able to obtain reliable information in the shortest possible time.
The knowledge management system includes the capability to integrate with various systems and support for chat-bots, which enables all possible communication channels that are convenient for customers.


Provides quick search for required information
Improves customer experience
Simplifies training of new employees
Simplifies and accelerates the implementation of chat-bots and voice assistants
Reduces call time
Reduces staff turnover in contact centers

Success Stories

Integration of the knowledge base into the Marks & Spencer corporate structure
Previously, Marks & Spencer contact centers received about 540K calls every month. Employees spent a lot of time processing them, which caused delays in responses. Implementation of the knowledge management system made it possible to optimize processes, and the number of relevant requests decreased to 269K.
Marks & Spencer knowledge base integration

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and Solutions
KMS Lighthouse
A platform for centralized storage and knowledge management which enables to improve the quality of every communication a company has with its clients, agents and employees
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