Informatica Data Engineering Streaming

High-quality data processing in real time
Informatica Data Engineering Streaming

About Product

Thanks to development of technologies, in particular the IoT, organizations receive real-time data: e.g., stock market reports, transaction data, website link clicks, and environmental changes. Such data is of particular value as it allows to identify patterns, determine public sentiment, track threats in a timely manner, and form and develop hypotheses.

However, many organizations face a problem: data generated by the IoT and other sources accumulates very quickly, much faster than specialists can sort and analyze it. Therefore, instead of facilitating effective decision-making, streaming data often takes time and makes the business inflexible.

Organizations can only gain maximum benefit if they can analyze data in real time. This is where Data Engineering Streaming helps – a scalable solution that enables to quickly process streaming data from the IoT and other sources and extract business-relevant information from it.

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Simple and fast data extraction process to maximize process efficiency
Visual developer interface without programming
A wide range of functions enables to quickly create data processing rules
Capability to upload data to any data receivers in real time
High service availability
Risk minimization
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