KMS Lighthouse

The latest generation knowledge management solution
KMS Lighthouse
How to Develop a Knowledge Management Strategy in an Organization
A Guide to Managing Content in an Organization

About Product

KMS Lighthouse is a platform for centralized storage and knowledge management which enables to improve the quality of every communication a company has with its clients, agents and employees.

The platform will become an indispensable tool for companies that have to cope with multiple internal and external requests for information that require a quick response on a daily basis. Product cards and service descriptions, marketing presentations, regulations and instructions, reports and documents of various teams and departments – maintaining the relevance of this knowledge will become much easier now.

KMS Lighthouse makes it easy to keep information up to date, saves employees’ time searching for the necessary information, and offers an opportunity to respond to requests as completely and promptly as possible.

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Always correct answers, regardless of the wording of requests
Quick search for correct and most complete answers
Support of multiple formats, including documents, presentations, videos and other formats
Possibility to compare knowledge and generate reports on its use
Availability of scripts – a set of steps depending on the selected action
Possibility of integration with various systems, support for chat-bots
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