Informatica Axon Data Governance

Leading corporate data management solution
Informatica Axon Data Governance
Data Governance: A Guide to Data Management
Data management for effective digital transformation

About Product

Informatica Axon Data Governance is a platform for managing corporate data and implementing next-generation Data Governance initiatives.

Today organizations face a number of data-related challenges. The most common are poorly structured and difficult to use data, lack of uniformity and relationships between data from various divisions, departments, and work groups.

Informatica Axon Data Governance enables to build a system of the most important information assets for business, combining the knowledge and efforts of experts, owners, analysts, and users. The platform ensures consolidation of all knowledge about data, structures collaboration with it and makes it easier to understand how data affects business and what business context it is associated with.

The comprehensive solution creates a flexible infrastructure for any tasks of analysis and systemic improvement of data quality, which enables to quickly develop and implement client solutions and increase operational efficiency. By centralizing data processing and storage, the costs of infrastructure and data preparation for company projects are reduced. Employees get instant access through a single user portal to descriptions of any objects and data sets. The company can anticipate customer preferences and personalize offers.

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Intuitive navigation, capability to find the necessary data quickly
Capability to link policies and standards to the existing business processes and projects
Capability to build a unified conceptual framework, provide a quick and convenient search for terms, and analyze connections
Options for creating an individual interactive interface for work, demonstration to colleagues and export
Flexibility when working together, easy delegation of tasks to specialists from different departments
Capability to specify those responsible, create change requests in manual and automatic modes
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