Informatica PowerCenter

Leading industrial data integration platform
Informatica PowerCenter
Data management for effective digital transformation
Data Governance: A Guide to Data Management
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About Product

Informatica PowerCenter is a leading industrial data integration platform enabling to effectively solve any challenges which a company face in the field of data integration and synchronization, data warehousing, MDM solutions, migration of data to new applications, exchange of information with counterparties, etc. to achieve the company’s business targets.

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High speed of development
High performance and scalability of the solution
Capability to extract and transform data from any databases, systems, mainframes, XML and flat files, as well as deliver data to most existing information systems
Powerful capabilities for team development
Capabilities of network multi-server data processing with automatic control and recovery in case of failure of one of the servers
Visual environment for the development of integration projects
Easy support, maintenance and changes to developed processes
You may
Informatica MDM-Product 360
The master data management tool providing capabilities ranging from data integration to managing a growing number of marketing and sales channels
Informatica Data Quality
The solution enables data quality to be analyzed and data to be standardized and cleaned at the level of customized business rules
Informatica Axon Data Governance
A platform for managing corporate data and implementing next-generation Data Governance initiatives
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