Informatica Data Quality

Informatica Data Quality
Data Governance: A Guide to Data Management
Data management for effective digital transformation

About Product

Informatica Data Quality enables to analyze data quality, standardize and clean data, recognize and identify duplicates for cleaned and standardized data, consolidate data, monitor and receive reports on data quality at the level of customized business rules.

Using Informatica Data Quality enables to organize effective collaboration between business and IT.

The solution contains many powerful and flexible capabilities for collating and standardizing data using probabilistic and fuzzy logic algorithms which enable architects and analysts to identify relationships between records, detect and eliminate duplicate records for data unification.

Informatica Data Quality enables business professionals to manage data verification and quality assurance decisions, which, in turn, can significantly reduce business risks. At the same time, this software increases developer productivity and reduces the impact of data quality on resources when developing and implementing an integration project.

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Powerful capabilities for data analysis, parsing, cleaning, standardization, enrichment, data comparison
Convenient and efficient graphical developer interface, no programming required
Data profiling, including drill-down capabilities on data at each stage of processing, after every transformation
Availability of visual tools for business users to obtain quality reports, process low-quality data, and work with duplicates
Capability to connect and use any dictionaries (addresses, phone numbers, company names, prefixes, etc.)
Capability to process large volumes of data and high level of scalability
Capability of real-time and batch use
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