Data Quality

Automate the processes of data quality check, control and improvement

Data Quality

Corporate data must be accurate, reliable, accessible, actual, complete, unabiguous, and consistent with real and statistically probable values.

Manage the quality of all data in the company using a single platform. Develop optimal rules and metrics for quality control, build processes and place quality monitors throughout the entire data life cycle with its help.  Scale and reuse best practices inside the platform. Control and improve data quality automatically: get rid of duplicates and errors.

Reduces errors in analytics and reporting
Enables to comply with regulatory requirements (in particular, Central Bank Regulation No. 716-P)
Helps avoid fines and reputational losses
Reduces manual data processing costs

Products and Solutions

Informatica Data Quality
The solution enables to analyze data quality, standardize and clean data, recognize and identify duplicates at the level of customized business rules
Data Integration Platform
A leading industrial data integration platform enabling to effectively solve any integration challenges a company faces

Reports from independent analytical companies

IDC MarketScape Research recognized Informatica as Data Depository Market Leader in 2020
Gartner has recognized Informatica as a leader in metadata management for the 5th time in a row
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