Improve the customer experience

Closer to the client. Closer to success

Are you sure you know your client
and your client knows you?

Business objectives

Create a truly sought-after offer
Stay in touch through communication channels convenient for the client
Give accurate and fast feedback

Key effects from implementation of our solutions

Form the best offer
  • Get an accurate portrait of every client, using data analysis
  • Create personalized packages of goods and services
  • Customize your offer easily and quickly
Flexible communication
  • Determine a method of communication which is comfortable for the client
  • No more annoying calls: communicate with the client at a time convenient for them
  • Be available through any channels: call center, chat bots, applications, website forms
Speed, accuracy and relevance
  • Create a unified, constantly updated and relevant knowledge base
  • Synchronize communications across all channels and reduce the number of errors by 6+ times
  • Route incoming requests using artificial intelligence and respond to customers four times faster

Improve your customer experience with DIS Group!

Apply Data Governance techniques to effectively work with customer data
Make relevant, accurate and reliable knowledge the basis for communications
Introduce a modern culture of working with information and communicating with clients

Ecosystem consulting from DIS Group experts

Get better with DIS Group!

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