Anti-fraud Prevention of financial crimes

Focus on financial crime

About Product

The intensive development of new technologies and business areas, providing customers with maximum opportunities and convenience when using the services offered can often lead to emergence of potential vulnerabilities in systems and business processes which can be used by fraudsters for fraudulent activities. An organization’s systems and business processes can be attacked by both cybercriminals from outside the organization and its own unscrupulous employees inside.

NICEActimize’s out-of-the-box, customized anti-fraud solutions accumulate real-life, practical experience in combating fraud at the world’s largest financial institutions.

The Actimize platform enables to easily and quickly create specialized custom anti-fraud solutions that work together with ready-made analytics or completely independently. Using the Actimize platform to create anti-fraud solutions enables, if necessary, to transfer all the expertise in maintaining and developing the solution to the customer’s internal team. The effectiveness of the “platform” approach has been confirmed by successful implementations in a variety of areas (payments, employee fraud, loan applications) in leading companies.

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Protection of assets of financial organizations and their clients.
Reduction of risks, protection against fraud
Compliance with regulatory requirements for monitoring customer payment behavior
Successful control of internal employee fraud
Quick identification of unscrupulous counterparties
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