Fast reporting in accordance with regulatory requirements

Accurate. Fast. Impeccable

Creating a report manually can take from three hours to a day. Automate the process and create complex reports in a few minutes!

Business objectives

Accelerate information acquisition by 60%
Fully meet rapidly changing regulatory requirements
Reduce the number of errors and inaccuracies in documents

Key effects from implementation of our solutions

Complete personalization
  • Automatic creation, reproduction and distribution of personalized documents of any format and complexity
  • Visual no-code environment. No more need to turn to IT specialists for help
  • Simple and quick customization of templates for any task
Effective compliance
  • Relevant reports that meet regulatory requirements
  • Corporate data is under 100% control
  • No more errors and inaccuracies
New possibilities for working with data
  • Get information 60% faster with powerful data integration engine
  • Upload data at any time – as scheduled or on the fly
  • Create a layer for storing consolidated information

Lay the foundations of digital compliance with DIS Group!

Know your data and build company processes in accordance with regulatory requirements
Generate and supplement reports in one click without long waits and manual work
Automate communications of any complexity and intensity

Get better with DIS Group!

Ecosystem consulting from DIS Group experts

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