Informatica MDM Multidomain HUB

Informatica MDM Multidomain HUB

About Product

The Informatica MDM Multidomain Hub offers the opportunity to get a unified view at critical data about customers, products, reference data and any other master data domains, ensuring the business success, development of customer relationships, and cost minimization.

This solution enables any master data and reference data to be maintained in a single place: by clients, products, partners and contractors, enterprise assets, points of sale, suppliers, orgchart, or any directories.

The Informatica MDM Multidomain Hub has long been successfully used by the world’s largest companies in various industries: FMCG, finance, high tech, medicine and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, oil and gas, media companies and other industries.

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The only MDM solution with built-in tools for data integration, data quality and business process management on the market
Capability to combine transaction and interaction information with IoT data
Dynamic anonymization of data enables to hide some data, ensuring data protection
Capability to create comprehensive presentations of any business unit with details, hierarchies, and other data
Capability to collate and combine data in different forms from any source to determine the most reliable record
Quick search for any master data using free-form text queries and fuzzy search
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