Informatica Data Engineering Quality

Informatica Data Engineering Quality

About Product

Informatica Data Engineering Quality ensures the quality of Hadoop cluster data, enables high-quality data to be recorded from a wide variety of systems on the cluster, including various DBMS types, flat files, binary and complex structured files, archive files, XML, message queues, buses, web services, mail services , Hadoop, LDAP, SAP, MPP, SAS, business and cloud applications.

This package enables to equally well record and read data in HDFS, Hive or HBase tables and ensures work with specific formats and archived data. The package also includes tools for Hadoop data analysis and provision and efficient Hadoop development without manual coding.

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Integration of Hadoop cluster into the infrastructure
Data analysis and profiling on Hadoop
Hardoop data processing and quality assurance in Pushdown mode in Hadoop
Monitoring and management of data processing in Hadoop
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