Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

About Product

Enterprise Data Catalog is designed to consolidate all metadata into a single repository, manage a single metadata catalog, and provide efficient search and analysis of metadata.

This solution is a key component of a metadata management system and enables to lay a reliable foundation for implementation of any data-driven projects.

Enterprise Data Catalog provides the ability to automatically collect, catalog, profile, assign domains and tags, followed by efficient, fast and intelligent search of any data across the entire information landscape of the company for a wide range of users, including business units.

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Any analyst or a business user gets the opportunity to search and explore all the data which is available and can be used
The system enables to build a profile for each data set automatically
Explore the business value of data
Automatic linking with business glossary terms
Analysis of influence and origin of data
Integrated Data Quality
Advanced statistical and ML-algorithms identify similar data and data subsets
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