Data Integration Platform

The gold standard for big data integration solutions with fast, flexible analytics to extract actionable value from the data
Data Integration Platform

About Product

The Informatica Data Integration Platform is a leading industrial data integration platform enabling to effectively solve any challenges a company faces in the field of data integration and synchronization, data warehousing, MDM solutions, migration of data to new applications, exchange of information with counterparties, etc. to achieve the company’s business targets.

The use of the Informatica industrial platform enables a small group of developers to quickly implement all procedures for creating a data warehouse and, with new requirements from business users, easily make changes to the developed processes.

Thanks to the fact that all development is performed in a visual environment without programming, the processes developed in Informatica are clearly displayed and easily supported.

Once invested in the Informatica industrial solutions, a company can support its business as it grows. All proposed solutions are highly scalable and will be capable of their functions just as reliably and with high performance when the number of the company’s clients amounts to tens of millions.

The Informatica’s licensing policy does not limit the number of projects that can be run on the same licenses, so the company receives a universal solution that can be used to further solve integration, regulatory reference information management and data quality initiatives, such as data migration objectives when implementing new systems, synchronizing systems, filling a warehouse or data lake.

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High performance and scalability of the solution
Visual environment for the development of integration projects
High development speed and rapid learning how to use the product
Capability to process streaming data (including collaborative work with Kafka)
Capabilities of network multi-server data processing with automatic control and recovery in case of failure
Extraction and transformation of data from any type of file and delivery of data to most information systems
Full support for Hadoop components to read, write, and use cluster resources for data processing
Easy support, maintenance and changes to developed processes
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