DEI on Hadoop

Data integration in Hadoop cluster
DEI on Hadoop

About Product

Informatica Data Engineering Integration is an ETL solution that enables complete data processing in the Hadoop cluster. Informatica DEI enables to create data integration solutions at the Hadoop cluster level and has virtually no restrictions on working with various data sources and receivers.

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Reduction of costs by integrating the Hadoop cluster into the company’s infrastructure and supporting all major Hadoop distribution kits
Reduction of costs for implementing and supporting new business initiatives somehow related to data processing
High speed and transparency of development due to working in a visual environment
Accelerated development of any business objective, regardless of the receiver/source architecture
Reduction of time-to-market indicator, increasing of the company’s competitive advantage
Significant expansion of the number of implemented business cases that require processing of huge amounts of data, all too often in real time
Simple and accessible technical support
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