Citrix ADC

The next stage in the development of server load-balancing solutions
Citrix ADC
Understanding of how Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architectures work
Cloud-Based Security for Digital Workplace

About Product

Application Delivery Controllers are the next step in the evolution of server load balancing solutions.

When do you need an Application Delivery Controller?

  • Firstly, to improve the quality of web services, they take a long time to load, causing frequent freezes and crashes.
  • Secondly, in case of interruptions in the operation of services and communication channels.
  • If fault tolerance of corporate applications and services is required.
  • To ensure constant availability and increase speed.

It is also worth considering to implement Application Delivery Controllers if you are using Microsoft TMG or Cisco ACE products as they are no longer supported by the manufacturer. A prerequisite for ADC implementation may be the launch of new large web projects since this process will certainly entail the need to ensure the functionality of this web project while maintaining high fault tolerance and performance. A similar situation arises when it is necessary to build a backup data center: it is also necessary here to ensure fault tolerance between several data centers located in different cities.

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