Financial sector

Leadership in digital transformation

The financial sector is one of the most customer-oriented. Here you need to make quick decisions while navigating the vast sea of information, and the security of client data and funds are among the highest priorities.
That is why financial organizations were among the first to work with data and implement the Data Governance approach.
Today the industry is one of the leaders in digital transformation.

Uniqueness of the industry

Ultra-large volumes of data, including the critical and vulnerable ones
Many external and internal factors influencing the development of the industry, close connection with the global economy
High speed of decision-making and highly accurate forecasting
Constant communication with clients: individuals and legal entities
Strict regulatory requirements

What financial sector issues do we solve?

Optimize the Company’s internal processes
  • Implement a CDO responsible for digital transformation
  • Coordination of interaction between business and IT departments
  • Transition from disparate databases to a unified catalog
  • Automation of business processes
  • Management of internal corporate knowledge and regulations
Improve customer experience
  • Knowledge management for contact centers, helpdesk and online customer communication channels
  • Knowing your customers: advanced customer data analytics
  • Data factory for on-the-fly analysis and building the optimal strategy for each client
Protect sensitive information and customer data
  • Data masking
  • Powerful anti-fraud solutions
Regulatory requirements
  • Digital compliance based on data factory
  • Automatic generation of reports in accordance with regulatory requirements

What do we offer to the financial sector?

We have been implementing projects for the financial sector for more than seventeen years. We approach each client individually, evaluate their objectives and offer the best solution from our line. Every technology in our portfolio is a leader in its sector. Learn more about technologies and products for your industry.

Increase process efficiency with DIS Group!

Identify business needs and growth points
Build a digital transformation plan based on business objectives
Select the optimal solution and ensure turnkey implementation
Provide technical and consulting support at all project stages

Ecosystem consulting from DIS Group experts

DIS Group technical support

Over many years of collaboration with global vendors, DIS Group has developed a stable expertise which helps build work with customers at a high level.
Year by year, 99% of companies remain supported.

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