Informatica B2B Data Exchange

Informatica B2B Data Exchange
Data management for effective digital transformation
Data Governance: A Guide to Data Management

About Product

One of the important factors in the business development of any company is close cooperation with its business partners and customers. However, the growing diversity of requirements creates significant difficulties in exchanging data between them.

Informatica B2B Data Exchange solves the problem of overcoming difficulties in processing various data with the following characteristics:

  • Complex data structure or lack thereof,
  • Fragmentation of formats, protocols and industry standards,
  • Large volumes of data.

With the flexible Informatica B2B Data Exchange infrastructure that can be customized to meet different data requirements of new customers and partners, the company increases operational efficiency and speed of decision-making and also ensures the integrity of all data used.

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Enables the company to create, edit and manage partner and customer profiles
Enables both parties to set rules for processing transactions according to the preferences of both parties
Unites numerous divisions and branches under a single profile
Enables changes to properties for each partner
Enables configurations of different formats to be changed to meet standards
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