AI-Based Platform

Erase the boundaries between users and software
AI-Based Platform

About Product

Sisense is a business intelligence platform that erases the boundaries between users and software. Enables to make quick, balanced, data-based decisions.
The solution uses ML and AI technologies. The patented SiSense in-cheap design enables to use disk space, RAM and CPU. This makes it possible to process very big amounts of data ten times faster than with RAM alone (in-memory technology). The built-in mechanism for loading changes (incremental loading) enables to see data updates in real time. SiSense enables to seamlessly integrate analytics into a company’s business processes, making the solution easy for non-IT specialists to work with. Thanks to the solution, executives, managers and product directors, R&D department employees can make decisions based on high-quality analytics, receive tips and insights.

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Open, Single-Stack™ Architecture
In-Chip™ Technology
Machine Learning
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Analytics for Your Business
Improve your business decision-making with a self-service analytics platform which gets the most out of your data, regardless of the source.
For developers
Sisense is an API cloud platform that makes it easy to connect your data and create apps with built-in analytics.
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