Data Governance

Data is an organization’s greatest asset. Analyze your data more accurately and quickly and make the right business decisions on their basis

Data Governance

Data Governance is a holistic strategy for managing corporate data. By using the Data Governance methodology, you can extract maximum business value from your data and your organization will become more agile.

Collect all technical metadata (e.g, the data about the IT systems which store information) into a catalog. Record a company-wide definition for every business term in a business glossary.

Implement rules to ensure data quality and make appropriate organizational changes. All this will enable to analyze data more accurately and quickly, generate reports and make the right business decisions.

Catalogs the corporate data
Accelerates development in IT systems by 40%
Increases the reliability of data, analytics and reporting based on them, including the regulatory ones
Improves corporate data quality by 60%

Products and Solutions

Enterprise Data Catalog
An AI-powered data catalog enables you to categorize and make the most of all of your company’s data assets.
Axon Data Governance
The product enables to combine all knowledge, build and maintain up-to-date a system of the most important information assets for business.

Reports from independent analytical companies

IDC MarketScape Research recognized Informatica as Data Depository Market Leader in 2020
Gartner has recognized Informatica as a leader in metadata management for the 5th time in a row
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