Using Informatica’s industrial platform allows a small group of developers to quickly implement all procedures for creating a data warehouse and allows easy changes to the processes developed with the new requirements of business users. Since all processing is performed in a visual environment without the need for programming, the processes developed in Informatica are clearly displayed and easily supported.


Gartner recognizes Informatica as a leader in 5 industries

Master Data Management
Metadata Management Solution
Data Quality Solution
Data integration Tools
Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

Informatica products

Axon Data Governance
A platform for managing enterprise data and implementing next-generation Data Governance initiatives
Data Engineering Streaming
A scalable solution that enables rapid processing of streaming data from Internet of Things and other sources
MDM Multidomain HUB
A platform that provides a single view of important data about customers, products, master data and any other master data domains
The leading industrial data integration platform that allows you to effectively solve any problem that a company faces in the field of integration and data synchronization
Data Quality
A tool that enables data quality analysis, data standardization and cleaning at the level of individual business rules
Data Engineering Quality
The solution ensures the data quality of the Hadoop cluster and allows writing high-quality data to the cluster from different systems
Enterprise Data Catalog
The solution is designed to consolidate all metadata in one repository and manage one metadata directory
Data Privacy Management
The solution allows you to fully understand the risks associated with confidential data
B2B Data Exchange
The solution makes it easy to overcome difficulties in processing various data
MDM-Product 360
A master data management tool for everything from data integration to managing growing marketing and sales channels
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