Prevention of Financial Crimes

Manage reputational risks, reduce the number of fraud incidents

Artificial intelligence
against fraud threats

Reduce direct and indirect financial losses in the company by reducing legal costs as well as the cost of maintaining a monitoring service through automation and optimization of work processes and staff. Manage reputational risks, reduce the number of fraud incidents, including the internal fraud.


Protection of assets of financial organizations and their clients. Reduction of risks, protection against fraud
Compliance with regulatory requirements for monitoring customer payment behavior
Successful control of internal employee fraud
Quick identification of unscrupulous counterparties

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and Solutions
Identification of suspicious situations and prevention of potential illegitimate actions of attackers
Anti-Money Laundering
A consolidated platform for effective anti-money laundering
Compliance in Financial Markets
Automation of solving a wide range of Compliance issues in financial markets
Enterprise Risk Case Management
Solution for consolidated risk assessments, incident management and corporate investigations
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