Halyk Bank Data factory project based on the Big Data technology

Banking and Finance
Data Factory, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Governance


Halyk Bank (Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC) is the largest commercial bank in Kazakhstan.

The bank’s management were faced with global challenges:

  • To increase the bank’s fee and commission income by personalizing offers and stimulating transactional activity.
  • To create a single space and tools for analytics and AI within the concept of Data Governance.
  • To develop a flexible, scalable data platform to run and test business hypotheses about the Bank’s clients.
  • To implement AI tools in different work segments to improve customer experience: implementation of anti-fraud systems, AML, intelligent contact center and other initiatives.


A data factory project implemented by DIS Group turned out to be a solution.

The project covered not only the retail business but also corporate and SME business of Halyk Bank. To date, implementation is continuing; the data factory will be integrated into the processes of making almost all decisions related to interaction with clients: cross-selling and up-selling, risk assessment and anti-fraud, AML and predictive service in the contact center, soft collection and many other banking processes.

Automation and orchestration of channels of interaction with clients combined with coordination of activities of various bank departments enabled personalized service to both individuals and legal entities, significantly improving their client experience.

The data factory is based on a new heterogeneous storage built with both proprietary platforms, primarily Informatica products, and innovative open source solutions. The data therein will be consolidated from all internal corporate and external sources.


The data factory project has become the most complex infrastructure project of Halyk Bank over the past 10 years.

Today, over 10K decisions are made every second with the help of the data factory to issue loans on more favorable terms than those of competitors and to prepare individual offers of banking products and bank ecosystem products with regard to the history and current state of customers, including their behavioral characteristics and individual preferences.

Prepared proposals are automatically sent through various channels of communication with customers while providing a smart orchestration of channel selection based on its current availability, performance and relevance to the client. Real-time analysis enables to respond to key customer events, as well as to communicate with them in order to attract them to the bank’s products.

The data factory built at Halyk Bank took the 1st place in the 2021 GlobalCIO Project of the Year competition in the Analytics and Big Data category.

“The data factory project based on the Big Data technology has already demonstrated the first clear financial results which ensured business confidence in the technology and increased interest income”.
Anton Mussin
First Deputy Chairman of Halyk Bank’s Management Board
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