Azercell Creating a data culture

Data Factory, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Governance


Azercell is one of the leading cellular operators in Azerbaijan, operating since 1996. The organization has a large amount of data on profits, sales, and activations. It is important to use this data wisely, structure it, and bring it to the proper quality.

Azercell’s management decided to develop a culture of working with data within the organization. An important strategic objective is the creation of a “smart data lake” which enables making effective decisions based on information from the market. To do this, it was first necessary to ensure the reliability and proper quality of data in real time.


The Informatica platform was chosen to implement the data management objectives.

The Informatica Axon solution provided effective management of corporate data, collaborative work on it and an understanding of how data affects the business and which business context, projects and processes it is associated with.

The Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog solution was used to provide access to a unified presentation of metadata which includes technical metadata, business context, relationships, data quality and data usage.

The Informatica Data Quality solution was used to ensure proper quality: it enables to apply built-in business and technical for quality check and assurance, as well as create new ones by customizing the metrics needed for a specific objective.

This ensures the reliability of real-time data, which enables accurate calculations. As an example, they succeeded in zeroing the error rate in payments, calculations and other processes.

Effective data management enabled Azercell to do the analytical work much faster, build data-based forecasts of outflow and profit, which has already led to an increase in the quality of service.


The project enabled to improve the quality of customer service thanks to effective solutions based on reliable data.

Customer churn decreased by 25% as compared to the previous period.

The company sees the opportunity to increase efficiency and business growth through the chosen approach.

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