How to Solve 5 Common Data Integration Challenges At No Cost


As data-driven, real-time decision-making becomes a high priority, your stakeholders can’t afford to wait for days or weeks to get access to much-needed data. That means your company can’t put off adopting new technologies to support critical analytics programs any longer — the time is now.

Because IT needs evolve quickly, implementing new technologies, changing applications and reengineering architectures and patterns should occur frequently and on an ongoing basis. This has a large impact on how you connect or integrate applications, services and systems in your distributed environment.

And this means that basing IT budgets on the traditional once-in-a-year review of applications and technologies no longer applies. With cloudbased services comes a move towards a consumption-based pricing model, where you’re paying for what you are using in the cloud. This brings the potential for cost savings, but only if you’re careful about what tools you invest in and what capabilities they offer to improve your existing processes.

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